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About the Committee
The Operator Certification Committee shall be composed of at least three members chosen as follows:
  • At least two members shall be certified Iowa Grade II or higher water treatment plant operator;
  • Additional members may be included to represent employers or certified operator and.or the public interest.

Duties of the Operator Certification Committee include:
  • Represent AWWA certified operator on the Iowa Joint Operator Certification Committee;
  • Advocate the interest of certified operators with regulatory agencies, employers, and the public;
  • Monitor the administration of the operator certification program by IDNR and recommend improvements when appropriate;
  • Respond to request from IDNR for advice and assistance on operator certification regulations and administration;
  • Keep the Board of Trustees and membership informed on operator certification activities;
  • Be informed on education and training needs and recommend additions or improvements to the sponsoring agencies.

The Board of Trustees liaison for the committee shall be the Chair.

Committee News and Events
Committee Meeting Minutes

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